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01/05/2019 · ML ROGER LATEST ITEM BUILD. - Swift Boots - Endless Battle - Scarlet Phantom - Windtalker - Berserker's Fury - Berserker's Fury Mobile Legends ROGER BEST ITEM BUILD 2019. ML ROGER BEST ITEM BUILD 2019. ML ROGER ITEM BUILD. ML ROGER LATEST BUILD. ML ROGER KILLER BUILD. ML ROGER COMBO. ML ROGER GAMEPLAY. ML ROGER GUIDE. ML ROGER. 22/06/2017 · -Build-1st Item - Warrior Boots: Tanky build means Warrior Boots, it's just nice mobility and a lot of armor to add to your arsenal. 2nd Item - Berserker's Fury: High Physical Damage and Crit Chance, it makes our crits 40% stronger making it a key component of our build.

Since then, Roger has become a werewolf and left his family. Now, he lives outside the dark forest to the East of the Megalith Wasteland as the legends say. But the legends don’t know how much pain he can cause to the enemies with the best build guide and “how to use skills” guide. 27/07/2018 · All of Roger’s abilities far surpasses those of any ordinary hunter or werewolf. As a matter of fact, his skills are topnotch. Especially when bound with the Mad Berserker Item Build, there’s no telling what crazy power levels Roger’s skills would be able to manifest.

08/08/2017 · Roger Perfect SAVAGE & MANIAC - Top 1 Global Roger By メ7 ` Ꮶaizer 壞 - Roger Gameplay & Build - MLBB - Duration: 12:51. ElektroTorio 403,161 views. Roger is really over powered hero with this build, you can try this build and feedback by commenting. Items gives you attack damage but you are not durable. Roger High Damage Build. Firstly: Warrior Boots. Warrior Boots. Tanky build means Warrior Boots, it’s just nice mobility and a lot of armor to add to your arsenal. Then: Berserkers Fury. i remember that i made roger gear 3 before checking this out so first im proud that the build that i randomly made was actually out in this site as well second yes roger is good and if u can kill someone before u die then after u kill that person u have chance to use that life steal and kill another person in a 2v1 plus even if ur low on hp ive. Mobile Legends: Roger Best Build? MVP Build? 15th June 2017 15th June 2017 Danez 0 Comments. Check out the gameplays of new hero, Roger! 7,553 total views, 1 views today. 30/08/2017 · actually even with my build it would do the same but you need to have inspire and i picked bloodlust axe because lifesteal is op with roger, ill try switching out bloodlust axe for scarlet phantom Reply Support Not support.

When Roger becomes a human, he will fight with a big gun to attack his enemy, and when in Wolf mode, Roger will be a very strong and dangerous melee. In addition Roger has 6 deadly active ability. In this post androidkuma will share Roger's best build item to increase his Damage attack for more pain. Mobile Legends Build is a guide created for the Mobile Legends Game. Players can find strategies or builds including champion guides. 06/04/2018 · Gear Guide Roger Mobile Legends Best Build Item – Roger adalah hero dengan role Fighter semi marksman dengan skill transformasi miliknya yang dapar berubah menjadi serigala sebagai monster pembunuh dan wujud manusia sebagai mode bertahan.

Guide Build Item Roger Mobile Legends: Amarah Sang Werewolf! Simak guide build item Roger Mobile Legends di sini. Jangan coba-coba memancing Roger dengan HP hero kamu yang rendah! ----- Konferensi komunitas Game terbesar di Indonesia! Coba berbagai macam game dan dapatkan doorprize di GAME PRIME 2017, Balai Kartini, Jakarta, 29-30 Juli 2017. Coba deh pakai Roger, hero hybrid Marksman dan Fighter, yang bisa berubah jadi serigala! Kalau kamu sudah memiliki Roger dalam koleksi heromu, maka sudah saatnya kamu meraih rank Glorious Legend! Dengan build Roger Mobile Legends, dijamin kamu bisa cepat naik rank dalam sekejap. Nah, kali ini saya tidak hanya membahas seputar build Roger saja. Melainkan juga akan membahas skill, cara combo, cara menggunakannya, serta tips mengalahkan Roger. Rekomendasi Build Roger Mobile Legends. Untuk mendukung skill-skill yang dimiliki oleh Roger, maka dibutuhkan build Roger tersakit agar membuat kemampuannya semakin powerfull. Roger, Dire Wolf Hunter is a lower skill cap fighter hero in Mobile Legends. Roger's skills are Full Moon Curse, Full Bore, Hunter's Steps, Wolf Transformation,.

Mobile Legends Roger Build Guide And How To Use His Skills. June 2, 2017. Vexana Skills & Build Guide In Mobile Legends. May 19, 2017. Mobile Legends Lapu Lapu Build Guide. May 10, 2017. Top 5 Tank Heroes In Mobile Legends. May 9, 2017. Top 5 Attackers In Mobile Legends. May 9, 2017. Top 5 Meta Heroes For Ranked Match In Mobile Legends. Eudora Tips-Tricks Build Guide Eudora Skills Analysis. Supercontuctor Passive: Gives the target a Superconductor effect which will amplify the effects of other abilities. This passive is what you have to keep in mind because this will help you a lot.

Layla Attack Damage Build-Item. By. admin-March 27, 2018. 12. SHARE. Facebook. Twitter. Mobile Legends Layla Attack Build. There are very good build for Layla Attack Items. Nice advices and tips for How to Play Layla? Which items best for her. Be MVP with this build! Layla Marksman. 02/05/2018 · It is best to keep him away from heroes that possess those skills as much as possible. The chief strategy for this build is to always attack and let Alucard’s lifesteal and defense take care of the rest. This is a very self-sustainable build so don’t let Alucard waste any moment standing on the sidelines!

Irithel High Damage Build, Are you ready to give high damage to the Irithel hero? Let’s examine the Irithel High Damage Build. The Irithel hero is one of the best damage heroes in the game. That’s why I think many gamers already have it. Now we will examine the Irithel hero with High Damage Build. Her specialty is to Reap/Burst damage, and trust me, Karrie can be a pain for some. However, if you don’t have the perfect build guide, then she can’t do much. I’ve tried different items, attack items, defense, magic, but I’ve found the best build for Karrie. Here is the list. How to be efficient in playing the newest sharpshooter in Mobile Legends, Lesley, we will be talking about the builds to take, the emblems and spells to acquire so that when you step into the battlefield, you’ll be ready to decimate and carry the team with Lesley, to know more, keep reading. Next on the list is Akai. One the best Tanks in MLBB. I know he is not one of the favorites heroes in the game, but still, he can take a lot of damage. Minotaur is on my top 5 Tank heroes list. Using his skills, having the perfect build guide is the key to success with Minotaur. He is with high HP, high armor points, which makes him a great Tank.

26/07/2018 · Each hit deals a lot of damage with this build. In fact, the lack of attack speed-increasing items in this build is totally negligible because Miya has her Turbo passive skill and Turbo Stealth ultimate skill to improve her attack speed sustainably. It is best to keep the attacks coming when using this build. 13/03/2018 · Gear Guide Sun Mobile Legends Build Item Top Player – Sun, lahir dari batu karang, sudah luar biasa sejak awal. Dulu dia disematkan di bawah gunung oleh dewa, terjebak dan tidak bisa bergerak. Dia melihat waktu berubah dan melihat dunia berubah pada saat itu. Latest Hero in Advance Server Exclusive Season Skin Reward Welcome to Mobile Legends Wiki! The best source of information about Mobile Legends that anyone can edit! Be sure to read the rules first before you begin editing. Latest Heroes Cecilion Carmilla Silvanna Wanwan Ling Baxia Silvanna Masha. Mobile Legends Argus. According to the background story in the game, Argus is one of the two heavenly angels. However his lust for power corrupted him and he became lost in evil. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

24/07/2018 · Beyond everything, the best way to use this build is to snag kills and deliver ruination as much as you can—be it the enemy heroes or upon the enemy turrets! This build is rather effective when it comes to turret-stealing so always remember to try to bring down the enemy turrets whenever the opportunity arises. Build Roger terbaik untuk menghasilkan damage terbesar dan bertahan hidup lama dalam kedua wujudnya bersama kombinasi emblem dan itemnya yang cocok. 12/07/2018 · This build provides a whooping 40% reduction in Cooldown. This means that Odette can cast her skills fast enough to compensate for her lack of Magic Power. Take note that Odette’s Swan Song has a higher chance of running its full course with build unless she is.

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